• The Pont des Arts Bridge, often known as the Love Lock Bridge, was as soon as a preferred spot for romantic traditions in Paris.
  • The historic bridge has a wealthy historical past as the primary metallic bridge in Paris, though the unique construction collapsed in 1979.
  • Guests at the moment are forbidden from inserting love locks on the Pont des Arts because of the weight of over 1,000,000 locks inflicting structural points.

Paris is full of must-have experiences for first-time visitors, and for a very long time, Pont des Arts Bridge was one in every of them. The Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the River Seine within the lovely historic heart of Paris. Made well-known around the globe for its spectacular assortment of affection locks, the bridge turned often known as the Love Lock Bridge in English. Love Lock Bridge is nestled between the Louvre Palace and the eye-catching Institut de France.

Paris is a magical metropolis and one which’s an unforgettable place to deliver your valentine. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to now not connect a love lock to the Pont des Arts Bridge, though Paris is still one of the most romantic cities in Europe for couples. Here is what to know earlier than you go to.

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Love Locks Are No Longer Allowed On Pont des Arts Bridge

Years in the past, Paris banned guests from attaching locks to the Pont des Arts Bridge. Here is what to know in regards to the bridge’s historical past, with extra insider information and insights into exploring Paris.

Historical past Of Pont Des Arts Or Love Lock Bridge Of Paris

The Pont des Arts was the primary metallic bridge in Paris

Love Locks on Pont de Arts France
Photograph by George Kourounis on Unsplash

Love Locks on Pont de Arts France

The Pont des Arts hyperlinks the Institut de France with the central sq. of the Palais du Louvre. It traces its historical past again to the Napoleonic occasions when, between 1802 and 1804, a nine-arch metallic pedestrian bridge was constructed. That bridge was additionally the primary metallic bridge in Paris.

  • First Constructed: Between 1802 and 1804

Its affiliation with romance goes all the best way again to its origin. Initially, it was conceived by its engineers that the bridge would resemble a suspended backyard. The bridge could be full with banks of flowers, benches, and even bushes.

When it was constructed, there was a passage fare throughout the bridge that price one sou.

  • Broken: The unique bridge was broken by struggle and boat collisions
  • Collapsed: The unique bridge partly collapsed in 1979

Pont des Arts Bridge sustained harm from bombardments from World Warfare I and World Warfare II, in addition to boat collisions. Since 1975, the Pont des Arts has been listed as a nationwide historic monument. In 1979, a big part of the bridge collapsed following a collision with a barge.


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The Present Pont des Arts Bridge / Love Lock Bridge of Paris

Pont des Arts over River Seine without Love Locks
Photograph by Stefan K on Unsplash

 Pont des Arts over River Seine with out Love Locks

The present Pont des Arts was constructed between 1981 and 1984. It was inbuilt a means in order that the looks of the outdated bridge might be preserved.

Since then, the Pont des Arts has been a favourite for photographers and artists. They’ve been impressed by the magnificent views alongside the river. It is usually a preferred spot for Parisians to come back for a picnic.

In fact, it has change into a magnet for lovers and romantics from the world over.

Pont des Arts Bridge Held Tens of millions Of Locks

Tens of millions of lovers tossed keys into the river after affixing locks to the Pont des Arts bridge

A couple sitting on a bench on the Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris
Photograph by SnaptoSnack on Unsplash

A pair sitting on a bench on the Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris

{Couples} and lovers from the world over quickly got here to the bridge to connect their love locks. It turned a much-loved custom and one which quickly unfold around the globe. Lovers got here with padlocks with their names engraved on them and hooked up them to the bridge (or different locks as house quickly ran out).

They’d then throw the important thing into the river as an indication of their unbreakable devotion to one another.

  • Keys: The keys to the locks have been tossed into the river
  • Origin: The custom might have originated in Hungary or Germany

The bridge has served as a spot for artwork exhibitions and, since 1991, has been a part of the UNESCO-listed Parisian riverfront. It is usually a “studio en plein air” for painters, artists, and photographers.

The custom of affection locks did not really originate on the Pont des Arts, and even in France. Some say it originated in Hungary (and even Cologne in Germany).


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How Placing Love Locks On The Love Lock Bridge Began

Nobody is aware of how the custom of affixing locks to the bridge started

Love locks (or padlocks) everywhere in Paris, France

Love locks (or padlocks) all over the place in Paris, France

It might be shocking to many individuals, however the custom of placing love locks on the Pont des Arts shouldn’t be a convention in any respect — and till just lately, authorities have been nonetheless questioning if it was only a passing fad.

Nobody actually is aware of the way it began on the Pont des Arts, however the development arrived within the metropolis in 2008 on the Pont des Arts. Some suppose it was related to the Italian movie referred to as Ho Voglia di Te (or “I Need You” in English).

It did not take lengthy for the development to catch on and by 2015 there have been an estimated 700,000 padlocks on the bridge and the bridge was changing into often known as the Love Lock Bridge in English.

Whereas it could be romantic to guests, for the authorities making an attempt to guard the heritage websites of Paris, it was a nightmare. The load was equal to round 20 elephants standing on the bridge — not one thing the engineers considered when designing it.

Think about asking the engineers if they’d taken under consideration a million padlocks the load of a herd of elephants when designing the bridge!

You Can No Longer Place Love Locks On Paris’ Love Lock Bridge

As of 2015, guests can now not add a love lock to the Pont des Arts

Love padlocks on Pont des Arts bridge

Love padlocks on Pont des Arts bridge

Sadly, the bridge was not designed for such massive lots of padlocks. Whereas a person lock is negligible, the bridge was quickly laden with over 1,000,000 locks.

  • Quantity Of Locks: Over 1,000,000
  • Weight: Round 45 tons

In 2015, the town was compelled to step in and began eradicating the locks in an effort to relieve the bridge of the crushing weight. In 2015, part of the bridge collapsed beneath the load and the authorities have been pressured to behave.

  • Forbidden: It’s forbidden to place love locks on the Pont des Arts

At the moment it’s forbidden to place love locks on the Pont des Arts. Even so, the bridge stays one of the romantic sights in Paris and an incredible place for a picnic — and there are plenty of other things to buy in Paris relatively than a lock and key.

Whereas a lot of the locks have been faraway from Pont des Arts, one civilian took it upon himself to take away many locks and retailer them for {couples} who could be excited by getting them again. The so-called
Love Lock Savior rescued over 800 locks
and has returned many to their unique house owners.

In February 2022, it was introduced the bridge would undergo renovation because it had holes and damaged and transferring boards, which made it dangerous for pedestrians to stroll on.

What occurred to the love locks on Pont des Artes Bridge?

The love locks faraway from Pont des Arts are immediately under the custodian of French artist Cyprien Gaillard. They fill ten industrial sacks and kind a part of his quirky artwork exhibitions and installations — in any case, Paris is one of the best European cities for art lovers of all kinds.

And, there are many other underrated places to visit in Paris than a well-known bridge. What’s your favourite attraction in Paris? Tell us within the feedback!

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